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Nibirii Festival Drops Full 2024 Line Up with I Hate Models, OGUZ, Vini Vici and Many More



For the 4th time the Nibirii Festival will be held near the beautiful lake in Düren, Attracting almost 40,000 music lovers from the region, North Rhine-Westphalia and all of Europe to dance at any of the stages of the festival site. Now shaping up for yet another mesmerizing rendition, Nibirii Festival have just announced their full line-up of artists that will be gracing not one, but five different stages this upcoming August. With a fully-stacked lineup the Psy-Trance, Techno, DnB and the beloved Hidden stage will be at full force during this unique event. As a new addition to this festival, for the first time there will be a dedicated club-stage.

Over these past years the festival has made some everlasting impressions with its unique stage design in a fantastic location. Besides an array of stellar artists Nibirii hosts a wide supporting program such as tattoos or all variants of yoga, to attractions on the lake such as pedal boats or a water ski facility.

“As a resident DJ since the first event, I feel very connected to Nibirii and am very grateful to be able to help shape such a big project musically. I’m already looking forward to my next performances in Cologne, Dortmund and Düren.” – Kevin Arnold

The stages are framed by a beach, a lake and a forest, one of the most immersive habitats at the Nibirii Festival. Each of the four stages is located in a distinct environment and each is dedicated to a genre of music, with one being a bit more of a hybrid. The stage dedicated to goa/psytrance will be given a new guise this year, promising to present itself in a more imposing manner than ever before to ensure a transcendental experience. By way of a portal that guides you straight into the realm of techno, the stage dedicated to this genre will host furious beats. Embedded in the meanders of the forest at a pace of 174 bpm, the stage dedicated to drum and bass is one of the most breathtaking. The last one is the hidden stage, which as the name indicates is hidden inside the forest. In this space, you will be able to hear sounds from the spectrum of tech house and techno. On the newly formed club-stage one can hear

Since the first rendition in 2019, the Techno, GOA and Drum and Bass Festivals have included top international acts, but also many newcomers and local artists. With over 110 DJs this years edition of the Nibirii festival is the biggest one to date. Some of the artists highlights are across the various stages are:

Techno Stage: I Hate Models, OGUZ, Deborah de Luca, Paula Temple B2B SNTS, Kalte Liebe, Kobosil, ZEUZ and many more.
GOA Stage: Neelix, Vini Vici, Mandragora, Blazy, Ranji, Gonzi and many more.
DnB Stage: Pendulum, Dimension, Camo & Krooked, Hedex, Koven, Fox Stevenson and many more.
Hidden Stage: Cloudy, Dyen, Clara Cuve, Johannes Schuster, Mischluft, Heggemann and many more.
Club Stage: Vize, Lovra, Brandon, Mojo, Wladymoto and many more.

More information about the tickets and lineup can be found here.