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MEDUZA Ignites The Brooklyn Mirage on Opening Night



This past weekend, we got the chance to partake in one of the most monumental moments in live music history. For the first time since the late summer of 2019, we witnessed thousands of like-minded music lovers dance under the pouring rain at the one and only Brooklyn Mirage open-air venue to some of the most influential names in dance music. Bringing in the summer in the most festive manner, Italian sensation MEDUZA ignited the long-awaited Brooklyn Mirage opening night with an absolutely striking performance, and we’re already feeling nostalgic looking back on how mesmerizing the entire night was. 

photo credit: Eric Cunningham (@ericm_nyc)

The evening commenced on a high note with Lee Foss and his visionary tech-house ensembles, as he prepared the massive crowd for what MEDUZA was about to bring to the table immediately afterward. With energy levels already on fire and the most immaculate vibes all around, MEDUZA took the stage and completely threw the house down from 11 pm to roughly 1:30 am. The entire set was so entrancing that it felt like the past year and a half of lockdown and restrictions never even existed. Throughout those 2.5 hours, MEDUZA allowed us to escape into an alternate universe with their spellbinding live sounds, and that right there is the power of music. After a long 16 months, we were finally united as one under the same dazzling starlit night sky.

Showcasing their unmatched mixing prowess to a sold-out crowd of house music aficionados, MEDUZA reassured us why they’ve climbed their way to the top in such a short amount of time. Intertwining their own flawless productions like “Piece Of Your Heart,” “Paradise” and “Lose Control” with a plethora of stirring fiery house tracks all throughout, this first NYC post-lockdown MEDUZA set was everything we needed and more to welcome back life as we know it out on the alfresco dance floor in the heart of Brooklyn’s electronic music scene. 

As if the first couple of hours weren’t magical enough already, MEDUZA handed the reins over to SIDEPIECE aka Nitti Gritti and Party Favor to close out the noteworthy evening with their progressive house sounds. A true “welcome back” gift from the dance music gods, we couldn’t be more honored to have been part of such an enchanting first night back at The Brooklyn Mirage this season. MEDUZA, you truly showed us a piece of your heart with your astounding live sounds, and we’d gladly relive it all over again given the opportunity.

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