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Matroda Drops New Track “In The Air”



In the lexicon of house music, few names invoke as much respect and admiration as Matroda. This Croatian-born maestro, blessed with an insatiable creative spirit and an innate understanding of the rhythmic arts, has made an indelible mark on the landscape of tech house and the great dance music scene. His latest release, “In The Air,” serves as an embodiment of his artistic prowess and stands as a testament to his genius.

Unveiled on his own label, Terminal Underground, “In The Air” is a house anthem that takes the listener on a remarkable sonic journey. The track is characterized by Matroda’s signature keyboard-driven progressions, a captivating mix of classic house sounds that seamlessly merge with a pulsating bassline, creating a rich tapestry of rhythm and melody. This is further accentuated by the inclusion of an uplifting vocal that resonates with warmth and emotional depth, adding a tantalizing layer of complexity to the track.

At the heart of this club/festival ready heater is the “Matrodasound,” Matroda’s distinctive sonic signature characterized by thrilling buildups, high-energy effects, and more. This is music that doesn’t merely exist to be heard, it exists to be experienced. Each note is designed to engage, to excite, to elevate. 

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