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SadBois Explores Loneliness in Anticipated ‘Lonely Together’ EP



Rocktronic/melodic bass trio, SadBois, has just recently released their highly-anticipated EP, ‘Lonely Together,’ on Flux Pavilion’s Circus Electric. The EP is a collaborative effort with a stellar lineup of artists and dives deep into the universal emotion of loneliness, showcasing its various forms and manifestations.

The journey begins with the emotionally charged track “Lonely Nights,” and concludes with the uplifting ‘Bringing Me Back,” which are both a sonic reflection on overcoming loneliness. In between, are singles such as “Worst Day Ever” and “What It Feels Like,” which both exemplifying the feelings of loneliness and hurt. All of the singles of the EP each posses their own characteristics and attributes, however when listened all-together, listeners can get a gist of Sadbois’ ability to produce with multiple genres and vibes in mind.

We wanted to create a body of work that looks to take the complex emotion of loneliness and describe the human experience almost ironically by making a collaborative body of work regarding an emotion that can make one feel isolated. Instead of explaining the internalization of loneliness, we wanted to capture how this emotion can be a shared experience but still show the vast range of how the emotion can present itself, there are times where loneliness can be empowering and there are times where it can be saddening but these times help shape who we are and who we can become.”

– Sadbois

The ‘Lonely Together’ EP is a testament to SadBois’ ability to explore the intricacies of the human experiences, offering a unique musical perspective on loneliness. With its dynamic production and heartfelt lyrics, ‘Lonely Together’ is a multi-faceted and soul-stirring release not to be missed and is something to be enjoyed by any listener worldwide.