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matphilly & SUBshockers Come Together For 5-Track Commemoration, ‘A.M.P.’ EP



Electronic music artists, matphilly and SUBshockers, have just come together to combine their musical talents into a body of work that will undoubtedly withstand the test of time. The two have just released a 5-track EP titled A.M.P. — and through it are demonstrating the power of electronic music as they pay tribute to a loved one. The EP was released in commemoration of matphilly’s brother, who passed away in 2020, and is a celebration of his life, his love for music, and his memory.

The A.M.P. EP is a mixture of high-energy tracks that are driven by unique sound design, gritty basslines, and unforgettable melodies. The project infuses a blend of dubstep and future bass elements, while each track represents a different aspect of life and the emotions that come with it. The first single of the EP, “Dear Amp,” is unique as it progressively develops with an intense build-up, only to let the listener fade away through a voicemail. The rest of the tracks on the EP progressively express more of the story with a combination of gritty dubstep drops, uplifting future bass melodies, and rigid sound design elements. Additionally, tracks on the EP feature vocals from the likes of JROHMSKII and Danica Reyes, which helps to express the message and feelings that each song represents.

Overall the A.M.P, EP is a fantastic release that showcases both matphilly’s and SUBshockers’ ability to produce, all the while representing matphilly’s brother’s life in a beautiful and everlasting way. It is sure to inspire others as they listen to it, while the embedded messaging that it provides is eternal. 

“My brother was an important part of my life and losing him out of nowhere really changed the course of my life and mental health. So much so that I was going to quit music but I know he would want me to keep going, so to pay tribute to him, I chose my closest friends in SUBshockers. He knew my brother as well and we channeled our energy to pay tribute to his life and legacy. This is something I want the world to see who never met my brother and how important he was to so many people. He’s missed dearly and I hope we did him justice in this project.” – matphilly


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