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Martial Simon Showcases ‘Nu-Freestyle’ Sound With New Release, “This Is Your Night”



Through a streak of consistent releases and stellar performances, Martial Simon has emerged as a pioneering force, carving out a unique niche with his innovative ‘Nu-Freestyle’ sound. His recently released track, “This Is Your Night,” is the perfect representation of his innovative style and is a sonic journey that envelops listeners with rolling bass, entrancing synths, and captivatingly smooth vocals.

“This Is Your Night” is a revitalizing take on classic electronic music that encapsulates nostalgia and sonically showcases groundbreaking new sounds. Simon’s musical vision is upbeat, positive, and authentic, and the track is a testament to his ability to tap into a pulse, rhythm, and frequency that resonates globally.

“I transformed this 90’s hit dance record into a new genre called NU-Freestyle. Added a hot new rolling bass sound with layered synths to capture the original vibe. This Is Your Night will be a dance floor filler across the world.” – Martial Simon

2023 has been a strong year for Simon, clocking in over one million streams and venturing into original pieces, interpolations, and covers. Each release has showcased the heart and soul of his musical vision, and “This Is Your Night” is no exception. It is a dance floor heater that harnesses the emotions of listeners, inviting them to indulge in the meticulously crafted soundscape. With many musical treasures yet to be unveiled, Simon’s new single acts as a glimpse into his creative genius, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his musical journey.