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Martial Simon & Narissa Release “10 to 5”



Martial Simon teams up with Narissa in their latest single, “10 to 5,” which is a track that epitomizes the synergy between the two dynamic artists. Following a streak of successful releases in 2023, Simon continues to captivate listeners worldwide with his story-like production style, as “10 to 5” delves into the complexities of modern romance against a backdrop of deep house rhythms.

The track is a masterful portrayal of the classic dating myth, resonating with anyone who’s faced the jarring contrast between infatuation and reality. “10 to 5” takes listeners on a journey through feelings of charm while unveiling the truth behind a partner’s allure. It’s a relatable anthem for those navigating modern romance and captures the essence of love’s often illusory nature.

“10 to 5” merges Simon’s energetic beats with Narissa’s smooth vocals, creating a track that resonates with deep house and tech house enthusiasts alike. This collaboration is set to ignite dance floors, showcasing Simon’s prowess in producing club-ready hits. As a prominent figure in the New York City DJ scene and founder of GET SET Records, Simon’s influence in the music world continues to grow.