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LEFTI Releases Signature Sounding House Tune “To The Rhythm”



One of New York City’s faved house artists, LEFTI, has just released a stellar new four on the floor tune, “To The Rhythm.” The track possesses and showcases LEFTI’s unique house style and is a musical gem for the world to enjoy. “To The Rhythm” also follows his recently released heaters “411” and “Walk The Walk,” each acting as a testament of LEFTI’s ability to synthesize fun and warming tracks into composition.

LEFTI is a crafty sounds man who has developed a strong reputation for himself and his ability to interview elements of the golden era with classic house music. His latest release “Into The Rhythm” embodies his artistry and is a smooth and swirling cascade of musical elements that seamlessly combine into a single body of work. Each pulsating beat provides listeners with the energy to move and illustrates an aural tapestry that connects diverse souls with the ecstasy of rhythm and movement. 

“I crafted this infectious track, designed to infuse the vibrant spirit of 80’s disco into a dynamic tech house setting. By blending these two musical realms, I take you on a thrilling genre adventure, where the lively arpeggiated bass leads the way and occasionally spices things up with a dash of techno flavor. Get ready to dance and groove to the irresistible beats of this club-ready creation!” – LEFTI