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Jenaux Reveals Funky New Single ‘Love & Devotion’ feat. Kelli-Leigh



This past weekend, New York City based funk-house producer Jenaux unveiled his latest single ‘Love & Devotion’ featuring Kelli-Leigh on AWAL. The track exploits Jenaux’s original funky sounds with a touch of some more extensive jazz notes simultaneously. Just over these past few days since its release, ‘Love & Devotion’ has already landed him his well deserved spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday Cratediggers as well as on New Music Friday UK.  As one of his most striking tracks to date, ‘Love & Devotion’s’ feel-good vibe and groovy wavelengths are sure to have fans on a pedestal.



Jenaux is recognized greatly for his consistently intriguing and innovative production levels, always incorporating the most unique and uplifting beats that exist within the funk-house dance music genre realm. He demonstrates just that on ‘Love & Devotion’, which is complimented harmoniously with Kelli-Leigh’s fierce vocals and powerful lyrics. What better way to induce a track’s already impeccable quality than with some fiery notes from one of London’s most aspiring vocalists. ‘Love & Devotion’ surely provides a compelling mix of jazzy sounds and vibrant beats, exposing Jenaux’s true musical talent exquisitely. Dive into all the funk that ‘Love & Devotion’ has to offer, out now on AWAL.


Listen to ‘Love & Devotion’:



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