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Ironheart Arrives with Genre-Bending ‘Terra Mariana’ EP



Ironheart has arrived with a brand new EP titledTerra Mariana and it’s living up to all the high expectations. Featuring three heart-racing tracks, the EP as a whole is built together effortlessly.

Terra Mariana marks Ironheart’s New Dawn Collective and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the electronic rock crossover occurring in the dance space. The entire soundtrack was first teased out single by single, beginning with “Besieged” and “Armies.” Now, having the full trilogy is just what adrenaline seekers have asked for. Ironheart is turning heads nonstop with this beautifully chaotic sound. Blending incredible guitar, whirring basslines, gritty synths, and impressive builds and drops all around,Terra Mariana is a promising sign of even more thrills to come. The songs range in style from sounds of classical, to folk, to metal, and even to trance and dubstep. Such a wide array of genres typically wouldn’t mix too well together, yet, Ironheart has already mastered this adventure.

With a strong foundation as a multi-instrumentalist and more than a decade of engineering and songwriting experience, Norwegian-American producer Luke Anders Hyatt began the Ironheart project as an outlet for the experimental, yet accessible sound he synthesized and cultivated from many disparate corners of the musical landscape.

The hybrid character of this new sound — incorporating elements from genres such as classical, folk, metal and trance — immediately piqued the interest of some of the dance music industry’s finest artists and labels. Luke fast realized he had found a winning formula.Terra Mariana is his first EP under the alias Ironheart, and it showcases an innovative, maximal, high-energy approach to music that relies less on synthetic-focused sounds, leaning instead on traditional instrumentation to achieve familiar but fresh results. Luke plans to continue to explore the boundaries of this project, be it by digging further into regional folk traditions to cultivate new, exciting themes, or by continuing to collaborate with diverse artists, both inside and outside of the dance music sphere. Moreover, he plans to take his unique style live and create a remarkable live-show-experience alongside other artists pushing the envelopes of hybrid genres.


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