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How to Prepare for HARD Summer 2019



HARD Summer 2019 is one of the most anticipated shows in Southern California, showcasing a variety of renowned and uprising artists. With temperatures rising and a high volume of expected attendees for this year’s festival, here are a few pointers to help keep you energized throughout the fest.


Those who are aiming at driving to the festival can be reassured that parking is free, while there are also shuttles that will be doing daily rounds between various hotels and pick up locations. Transportation can be a little tricky, so don’t be afraid to carpool or use apps like Uber to get around this upcoming weekend.


With so many people attending this year’s HARD Summer Music Festival, the service on your cell phone may be very limited, if not inaccessible. One extremely helpful tip is to set up designated meetup locations. This can help your squad stay together throughout the festival, while also helping you organize and coordinate set times.


With the summer rays are hailing down relentlessly, attendees are advised to stay hydrated and are encouraged to get a camelback style water pouch, as there are various water refill stations that are expected to be free of use for this year’s attendees.


With tickets beginning to run scarce, those who are wishing to attend HARD last minute should be very cautious when buying tickets, making sure to avoid scalpers. This can help avoid scamming issues, while also making sure your purchase guarantees entry and admission.

To check out more tips on how to survive HARD Summer 2019, check out their website here.

Those who really want to stay in touch with things going on at the festival can also download the Insomniac Event App.

Featured photos courtesy of HARD Events Facebook.


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