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Hayden James & Anabel Englund Team Up for “Different Worlds”



Award-winning music producer Hayden James emerged as a quintessential sound of the summer with the release of “Something About You” in December 2014, igniting the dance music scene and earning Gold Certification in his homeland of Australia. Since then, his electronic-pop creations have captivated a global audience. Now the Hayden James and California-based artist Anabel Englund join forces for their new record “Different Worlds.” With festival season almost upon us and some epic performances scheduled for both of these talented artists, Hayden James and Anabel Englund’s hot new track will be heard on many stages and airwaves this summer.

“My latest track, “Different Worlds” with Anabel Englund, feels like “Foolproof” and “We Could Be Love” had a baby. We wrote it last year and had no real plan to release it. I ended up playing it on NYE at a festival, and it kinda went nuts. I sent the crowd’s reaction to Anabel, and here we are.”Hayden James

“Different Worlds” is a dynamic house gem that combines James’s signature dance-pop style with Englund’s smoldering vocals. Featuring undulating organic basslines with breezy melodies that build into a series of euphonious drops, the track also packs an emotive punch with its “who am I without you?” riff. Hayden and Anabel are both gearing up for a massive 2024, with both set to release more music very soon and her gearing up for her new interesting projects, so “Different Worlds” serves as a perfect prologue to what’s coming. “Different Worlds” is out now on all streaming platforms.