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Gregor Demise Unveils Cinematic 4-Track EP, ‘Things That Move’



The up-and-coming Chicago based producer/DJ Gregor Demise presents an impressive 4 track EP, “Things That Move,” out now.


Gregor Demise is back and has just released his second EP titled, “Things That Move.” “Things That Move” is an explosive 4 track EP showcasing Gregor Demise a.k.a Matthew Ehinger’s unique and versatile sound. His tracks, “Lost Temper,” “Morph Me,” “Things That Move,” and “Stillness In The Bottom” provide an eclectic and hair raising mixture of trap and dark electronic beats. Not afraid to experiment with his sound and unbound by genre, Gregor Demise’s EP will have the listener transported on a journey filled with an abundant variety of heavy claps, bass, and brass synths.


Although, having just begun his breakout onto the scene, the Chicago based DJ and producer Gregor Demise is quickly on the rise with his dynamic beats and style. Gregor possesses a crafty ear for music allows him to craft and create powerful works of art through music.


Things That Move EP is a recognition of the intense and sometimes overwhelming emotions that we experience as humans – excitement with a sense of fear, sadness with a pang of guilt, anger sometimes without reason. These are the things that move within us, and these are the emotions that are woven into each song. I produced the songs during a particularly emotional time for me, and I let my own feelings guide the sound; they were my inspiration and my North Star.” – Gregor explains about his latest EP




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