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Goldkimono Steps on the Scene with Debut Single + Video for “To Tomorrow”



Watch out music world, Goldkimono is coming for you. The story of Goldkimono begins in Venice, California in a short-term lease just steps from the beach. With a rental guitar and his laptop in tow, Dutch songwriter and producer, Tienus Konijnenburg developed his eclectic sound inspired by the California coastline.

His debut single, “To Tomorrow” encompasses a laid-back story filled with punchy beat textures and wavy acoustics to keep you hopeful for days to come. Available today on all streaming platforms, the introductory single is accompanied by a vibrant official music video that transports listeners to a carefree sunny day on the West Coast, soaking up the sunshine.

“To Tomorrow” is a testament to time and how it just keeps flowing. It’s this ever-evolving thing that changes us, but time makes us who we are and gives us opportunities to grow. Tienus’ animated lyric composition offers hints of 90s hip-hop blended with an island pop style, with a crunch of a Dutch stroopwafel.

Known for writing the iconic Kygo single, “Firestone”, Goldkimono describes his sound a lot like his clothing style, “Take a handful of sunshine and throw it into a boardwalk thrift shop, walk out with some comfy colorful pants and a LEVI’s Sherpa jacket and don’t turn back.”

“To Tomorrow” describes the feeling of carrying on the careless feeling you had when you were young on to the next day and into the future.

“It’s about being present when you feel the sunlight shine down on your life, and bringing that feeling into tomorrow.”

With warmer weather and (hopefully) brighter days on the horizon, there’s no better time to stream and watch “To Tomorrow” and fall in love with the Goldkimono sound.


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