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Fly By Midnight & Carly Paige Release “I Feel It” Music Video [Interview]



New York-based pop duo Fly By Midnight, comprised of singer/songwriter Justin Bryte & producer/songwriter Slavo, are currently steaming up the pop-scene with their latest single, “I Feel It” featuring LA-based songstress Carly Paige. Garnishing over 20 million collective views to their YouTube channel, Fly By Midnight unleash a brand new, and wildly creative, music video today for “I Feel It” – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.



Through the music video, the emotional pull of the retro-pop single is brought to life. The music video takes place in a New York loft that is equal parts grit and glamour. The video also features scenes with Richard Clarkson’s iconic cloud lights, which helped to bring to life what Fly By Midnight describe as the “ecstasy” and “euphoria” of the track.


The Nocturnal Times caught up with Justin and Slavo amidst touring to take a deeper look into the creation of the official music video.



Slavo – “Justin and I have always been as interested in the visual side of our music as we are in the music itself. When we had finalized the track we went straight into concept discussions. It was a cool moment for us, especially with the emotion of the song, to really dissect what we saw in our minds when listening to it. It’s always been important for us to give fans a visual representation that’s unexpected yet still elevates the meaning of the song.”


Justin – “The video at its core is really a journey towards euphoria. Once you feel it it’s like something clicks inside of you and you’re somewhere else… You’re kind of someone else. “


Slavo – “The toughest part was depicting that feeling of ecstasy and coincidentally I had come across Richard Clarkson’s cloud pieces online. The next day we were on the phone with them discussing our ideas.”


Justin – “It all came together from that point on.”


Watch the full video for “I Feel It” by Fly By Midnight featuring Carly Paige below and be sure to check out the single on Spotify.




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