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fknsyd Debuts Solo Artist Project Through 9-Track Album ‘Taste.test’



Rising female electronic artist, fknsyd, has just made a huge stride in her career by putting forth her debut album as a solo artist, Taste.test. The album has been highly anticipated by fans and encapsulates a uniquely dark and cinematic sound that distinctly characterizes her as an artist.

Taste.test consists of nine unique tracks that each consist of a recognizable vibe that’s encapsulated by her soothing vocals, cinematic atmospheres, and heavy basses. It is a body of work that truly outlines who fknsyd is as a solo artist, as she’s quickly developed a fanbase and recognition as a featured vocalist on tracks for the likes of Rezz, Wavedash, RL Grime, Hex Cougar, and more.

The first song on the album, “New Evils,” consists of a dramatic pallet of sounds that places her recognizable falsetto vocal front and center of the mix. The vibe of the track is alluring yet pleasurable to the senses and possesses an aura of mystery and suspense all in the same go. “First Thing In The Morning” is another single on the LP that is driven by an easy tempo that gives listeners a sedating effect, while uniquely taking them on a journey through indie-pop and r&b vocals. Following as the third single, “I Wanna Be Your Girl,” embraces a slightly more commercial framework and features similar characteristics of the first two tracks, while possessing its own attributes that make it unique. “Fantasy,” brings a trippy and dark side of what fknsyd has to offer, showcasing a rudimental production design and an easy listening experience that hits the spot. Following “Fantasy,” “Twist My Arm” comes halfway through the LP and provides listeners with a simple and powerful beat that’s layered with fknsyd’s soothing vocal. The remaining singles of the project, “Vertigo,” “Molasses,” “Visual,” and “Sedation” quintessentially provide a unique and similar vibe that’s apparent throughout the LP, showcasing a blend of dark keys, meditative sound design, and accompanied with fknsyd’s infectious vocal.

Taste.test is just the beginning of Fknsyd’s journey as a solo artist, and it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her. Her debut album is a strong start, and it’s exciting to think about what she will create next.

“Taste.test is a compilation of songs I made over the last year or two.

With my personal music I do everything myself, and I don’t feel overly confident about most of the skills involved in that process. As much as I’d like to only share things I feel completely satisfied with, I don’t think it needs to be that serious, and I realize whatever that standard is for me will be ever-changing. It doesn’t make me happy to stockpile a bunch of music. I admire people who share their art, so to me this is a step in the direction of feeling more comfortable doing that.”

– fknsyd

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