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Festival Continues: Intents Festival Closes Part of the Campsite



Intents Festival in Oisterwijk (Netherlands) is one of the largest dance festivals focused on harder styles. This weekend there will be 10 stages and 400 artists making it already the 19th edition of Intents Festival. Sadly due to the persistent rainfall in the recent period, Intents Festival is forced to close part of the campsite. The organizers mainly ask Dutch camping guests to cancel their reservations. Guests who do this will be amply compensated: they will receive a refund for the campsite, entrance fee and service costs and can attend one of the largest and most progressive dance festivals in the Netherlands for free on Friday, May 31 and Sunday, June 2, or on Saturday, June 1. That being said, the measures do not affect the line up of the Intents Festival.

“We appeal to the cooperation of mainly the Dutch visitors who live close to here. That feels very unjustified, because these are precisely the people who helped make Intents great. We started locally in 2004 with about 1,000 visitors, mainly people from the region. We now welcome about 45,000 visitors per day, but those loyal local and regional visitors still form the basis That doesn’t feel good, because we know that the visit to the campsite is part of the total experience of Intents Festival. Hopefully the compensation we offer will be the usual bandage on the wound.” – Rick Liebregts (organizer of Intents Festivals)

The organization started the construction at the beginning of May and was confronted with rain almost continuously during that time. Part of the campsite has therefore become impassable. Of the 20,000 available places, at least 5,000 must remain unoccupied.

The organization has tried in every possible way to keep the camping site open, but due to the last rain showers during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, part of the campsite had not cleared up. Just today, the KNMI (Dutch weather service) also reported that last month was the wettest May ever in the netherlands. Various scenarios have been considered and partially closing the campsite is a tough decision, but one that allows the festival to continue.

As reported, campsite visitors who cancel will receive a refund but will be given the opportunity to visit part of the festival. In addition, they have guaranteed access to Intents Festival in 2025. Foreign guests are not asked or expected to cancel, as some of them are already on their way to Oisterwijk and they do not have the option to spend the nights anywhere other than at the campsite.

About Intents Festival
Intents Festival has been around for over twenty years and has already been voted one of the best festivals in Europe. About 400 artists are expected on the ten stages from next Friday. Tickets for the festival and the campsite sold out in no time. More information about the line-up can be found here.