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Felix Jaehn Offers “No Therapy” ft. Nea & Bryn to Universal Music



Germany’s prized artist Felix Jaehn is at it again with another dance tune that stands strong with an impactful message. Out now via Universal Music, Jaehn collaborated with fellow vocalists Nea and Bryn to create “No Therapy.”

“No Therapy” brightens up Felix’s invigorating repertoire even more. Laid down with a deep foundation, Nea and Bryn’s vocals dance delicately on top of Felix’s essential groove. Freshly minted with crisp beats, the arrangement goes further into carefree tones and an overall crowd pleasing vibe. This track follows Felix’s earlier hit remix of “Some Say” which also features a co-write from Bryn.  

‘I Loved writing ’No Therapy‘ with Nea and Bryn. We had the best time ever in the studio! When I came back from my break in February I felt newborn and wanted to write happy songs again. I’ve been going through therapy and spent a lot of time self-reflecting the past couple of years. In the end, I found that sometimes all it takes is a good moment with friends and loved ones to ease your mind and focus on the good that is constantly in and around us.’ – Felix Jaehn

An LGBTQIA+ statement through-and-through, the message reflected in “No Therapy” rests within self-acceptance and unity. The song leans into the importance of coming together and helping one another in love and solidarity. Both proud and out members of the gay community themselves, Bryn and Felix hope to relay this vital message of positivity to all those who need to hear it shortly following pride month. 


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