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Felix Jaehn Drops “No Therapy” Remix EP



At the end of August 2020, Felix Jaehn had released an LGBTQIA+ anthem, “No Therapy,” which ended up becoming a massive commercial success with multiple acclamations to its name. Now the renowned single has been given new life from Felix’s new EP, featuring remixes from the likes of Vintage Culture, Black V Neck, and Toby Romeo. Now available on all major platforms, the remix EP is the perfect extension of the original and its impacts upon urban culture, compiled with a designated flip from each artist.

To kick things off, Vintage Culture brings a club-ready remix to the table that’s indefinitely a tune that can get rinsed on repeat. His remix is constructed delicately with a light piano, while driven by an infectious rhythm that leaves any listener wanting more. Black V Neck’s remix reimagines the original in a fun and bouncy way, and incorporates the vocals of Bryn Christopher and Nea flawlessly into the mix, creating a house heater that’s primed for dance floors worldwide. To top things off Toby Romero’s remix takes a contemplative approach, and also adds in Christopher and Nea’s vocals into his version of the original. Through his work, Romero is clearly able to demonstrate his own signature sound, and was also a part of the June-released remix of Jaehn’s “SICKO.”

With a plethora of remixes adding a fresh taste to a stunning original, fans and listeners now have other worlds of the song that they can experience sonically. The heartfelt message and impact of the original is now able to prosper further, while helping Jaehn reach more listener groups and audiences. Thanks to Vintage Culture, Black V Neck, and Toby Romero, the energy and impact of “No Therapy” will benefit more listeners and people, while its message will continue to fill speakers worldwide.


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