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Ex Medias Collective Returns with Multi-Genre Compilation ‘WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL ll’



Well-known artist collective, EX Medias, has recently come forth with their sophomore compilation album properly titled, WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL ll. This time, the compilation features 5 unique and bold tracks from an assortment of their flagship acts, Galena Crew, Blank Ages, #BBC, AireLoosh, and TURBO. 

The label was initially founded by DJ/producer, Able Grey, bringing a vision to life over the past couple of years. Now the mission of the collective is to foster community-based support for its artists and fans, helping each other grow on their paths within music. 

WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL II. is kicked off by Galena Crew and features vocalist Finn. The single instantly pulls the listener into a fantasy-driven cinematic world brought forth by lush soundscapes, angelic verses, and side-chain synths that rip on a heavenly level. Blank Ages follows up with “Shanghai Dreams,” a vibe that will keep you on your toes with unique samples and rhythms that launch the listener into a space. Its unique static effects tease a dichotomy of genres all in the same go. 

Next up is #BBC shakes things up with a heart-melting, soul-stirring vibe in “So Long,” which is a bit more laid back and has a plethora of sonic intricacies. The dynamic vocal work is the focal point of the song, with the melodic trap drops delivering a fitting juxtaposition to the theme.

AireLoosh hashes out the heat with a festival-ready instrumental banger that is not for the faint of heart. “Gaze,” is the name of the game, blending in dark-trap flavors with strong written drops. The tension and release mixed with extreme energy levels leaves one with a jaw-dropping impression of the sonic surprises that are found across this compilation. 

Last, but certainly not least, TURBO rounds things off with a riddim-laced release “Breathing Danger.” Head banging suspense is around every turn here. Lightning-fast lasers and dirty basslines grind through to build a hard-hitting fabric every basshead would revel in. It’s the arrangement and sound design that allows this single to stand out, this artist bringing a diverse compilation to a close.

WE ARE EX MEDIAS VOL ll. Is a masterpiece all-in-one, and is perfect for any electronic music fanatic. Each track demonstrates a different perspective that the label embellishes, and emphasizes the unique and sonic differentiators that make them stand out as a collective.


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