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ELLE RICH Drops Emotional Debut EP ‘SLICE OF LIFE’



The Dutch DJ and Producer ELLE RICH is known for her energetic, outrageous, memorable, insanely hard sets full of bass. The beautiful trap queen combines different bass genres and makes every set one to remember. It all started with her residency at the Bootshaus, here she stepped out of the shadows and in to the spotlight. We saw her play various festivals these past years and even a tour through Asia where she shared the stage with some of the biggest names. This energetic woman has put her mark on the scene. With the astonishing feat that her track “Mea Culpa” hit over a quarter of a million streams. Now we see her releasing her emotional debut 4 track EP SLICE OF LIFE.

“Trying to cope with my emotions I started making this EP. This was something I could hold on to and escape everything for a bit in those times.” – ELLE RICH

As energetic this queen is on stage, the heartfelt her new EP feels. ELLE takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions with her new EP. With this collection ELLE takes on an intimate journey of her psyche. Even tho most of the things we see from artists, one can easily forgot that they as well have the same problems “normal” people have. Now from that darkness emerged something beautiful collection of tracks that serve as a soundtrack to her journey through pain, loss, and ultimately, healing.

“During making this EP, I went through the hardest time of my life. I became depressed and lost so much, including my best friend. I really hit rock bottom.” – ELLE RICH

ELLE RICH’s creative process is as unique as her sound. With a focus on translating raw emotion into music, she has crafted music that resonate deeply with listeners. Every aspect of SLICE OF LIFE is a reflection of her personal journey. Drawing inspiration from her love of anime, particularly the slice-of-life genre, she sought to capture the essence of human experience within each track. With these 4 tracks ELLE crafted a formidable debut that contains raw unfiltered emotions, one can immediately feel the journey ELLE went through while crafting this work of art. The EP SLICE OF LIFE is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.

Accompanying her new EP SLICE OF LIFE ELLE RICH filmed an incredible music video. Here ELLE RICH once again proves that she is more then just a producer, she’s a visionary that is able to convey her emotions in to images as she takes us on an intimate journey through Agony, Maze, Solace, and Dismay.