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Electric Polar Bears Unveil High-Octane Club Banger “Signs”



The Electric Polar Bears (who go by the names Zero and Snowball) were born out of the love in combining detailed stage production with funky, fresh, bouncy house beats. Launching into 2024 with a wave of new releases, future house duo Electric Polar Bears are rekindling their passion for house music by returning to their club room roots.  Today, the dynamic duo unveils their newest banger “Sign.”

“”Signs” is a boundary-pushing track that combines electrifying beats, infectious melodies, and a pulse that connects directly with the dance floor’s heart. It’s designed to be the track that keeps you moving, and a testament to our love for the club scene and the energy it inspires. “Signs” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem for nights you’ll never forget.” – Electric Polar Bears

“Signs” is a nostalgia-induced track inspired by the electrifying atmosphere and high-energy crowd from one unforgettable club show. Written as an homage to the house scene, “Signs” is a celebration of the magic of live dance music. “Signs” kicks off with a string of scintillating hi-hats, auxiliary percussion elements, and blitzes of synth chords. The track then builds with a mysterious bass synth note progression, pushing the track forward before dropping into its hypnotizing, minimalist beat. Infusing blazing synths over the track’s trunk-rattling four-on-the-floor beat, “Signs” efficiently translates its core elements into maximum dance floor catharsis. “Signs”is out now on all streaming platforms.