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Electric Polar Bears Team Up With Bertie Scott For “Animals”



Launching into 2024 with a wave of new releases, future house maestros Electric Polar Bears are set to unveil a string of singles that seamlessly combine innovation with the unwavering nature of their signature sound. Today, the duo is joining forces with soul-stirring vocalist Bertie Scott to drop their vibrant house single “Animals.” Born from a late-night studio session filled with experimentation and creativity, this collaboration promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the release of “Animals” featuring Bertie Scott. This track embodies a journey of vibrant beats and captivating rhythms, inviting you to join us in a musical expedition that’s as wild and free as the spirit of the animals it represents. Get ready to dance, feel, and embrace the energy!” – Electric Polar Bears

“Animals” begins with a delicate introduction, where airy, repetitive hi-hats slowly cascade into the sonic landscape and set the stage for Scott’s enchanting vocals a welcome presence that add a unique flair to the track. The song then continues with Scott’s alluring lyrics that invite listeners into the soundscape and intertwine with the instrumentation, adding layers of emotion and depth to the track.

“Animals” showcases a seamless relationship between Electric Polar Bears and Bertie Scott, with the duo bringing their signature electrifying energy and lively sound design to Scott’s spellbinding melodies. Throughout the production journey of “Animals,” the trio manage to weave a tapestry of sonic ingenuity and heartfelt expression. “Animals” is out now on all streaming platforms.