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DVBBS & Boaz van de Beatz Collab on “Warmth” (Ft. Jono Dorr)



Only a few producers have risen to the top in the electronic music scene as quickly as The Canadian brothers Alex and Christopher. They have captured the industry’s attention with hits like “Tsunami” and “Not Going Home” and never let it go. Over these past years DVBBS have racked up an impressive display of collaborations. Now we see the chart-topping duo DVBBS team up with producer Boaz van de Beatz and Jono Dorr for their latest release “Warmth.” “Warmth” follows DVBBS’ latest hit “Let You Down” with Gabry Ponte and Sofiloud, and serves as a promise for an amazing festival season ahead.

“We wrote “Warmth” in the winter & now that the seasons are changing and we get to finally share this piece of art with the world, is really special to us. We hope you enjoy our new record and it brings some great memories to your summer 2024″ – DVBBS

“Warmth” is the summer anthem you’ve been craving for. It is more than just a song, it’s a sonic journey that promises to envelop you in euphoria. Imagine soulful vocals, uplifting melodies, and a euphoric drop that will have you swaying with a smile at your next big event with best friends or a significant other. This isn’t just a release; it’s an invitation to embrace the warmth of connection, be it a cherished memory or a loved one’s touch. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to be drawn in by the track’s irresistible production and positive vibes. “Warmth” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.