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Don’t Sleep on Gl0bal’s Fresh ‘Insomnia 2′ EP




Following the release of his two lead singles “WYN” and “Believe” earlier this year, Canadian producer Gl0bal is back in full force with his latest project, Insomnia 2. The highly anticipated 5-track EP is out now on all major streaming platforms and is merely a captivating representation of the Circus Records prodigy’s influential musical talents.

Insomnia 2 tells Gl0bal’s story in a brand new tone, serving as a mesmerizing follow up of last year’s initial Insomnia EP release. The fresh EP blends his signature bass and trap heavy sounds into a sea of other differentiating soundscapes, each track encompassing its own unique melodic twist. From emotional lyrics and stunning vocals in some tracks to more hype and forceful trap beats in others, Insomnia 2 incorporates it all.

“This project is really important to me because I feel like it showcases my individual story and sound as well as serving as a second chapter for Insomnia. The records on the EP are pretty personal to me and I hope listeners will be able to hear how my sound is continuing to evolve when listening to Insomnia 2.” – Gl0bal

The first track titled “Darkness” starts the EP off in a soothing manner with its gentle bassline and welcomes NBC’s hit show The Voice contestant Gaby Borromeo and her breathtaking vocals all throughout. “My Will” immediately follows, showcasing more of that heavy trap offering Gl0bal never fails to deliver and transitions back to that melodic vibe with “Believe” and its celestial vocals and future-bass inspired drops from beginning to end. “Tonight” features some pretty moving synths and heartwarming lyrics serenaded by Alex Cortes’s soulful vocals, while trap classic “WYN” (the track that started it all) ends the EP on a more vigorous, hyped-up note.

As the second chapter in Gl0bal’s ‘Insomnia’ story, Insomnia 2 is one musical masterpiece you do not want to sleep on. All five tracks exhibit Gl0bal’s unparalleled sound exquisitely, as he merges the worlds of bass and trap with other electronic soundscapes yet to be heard of in the dance music world. Out now via Circus Records, you can finally listen to Insomnia 2 below.

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