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DJ Thera Releases New Album ‘From The Heart’ [Interview]



It’s been a busy year for veteran Pieter Heijnen a.k.a Dj Thera. With six releases and an album on the way, it was time for a little sit down. Many people may not know that Dj Thera used to be part of the illustrious Duo Brennan & Heart. That is why his name is an anagram for ‘Heart.’

Over the last couple of years, Dj Thera has been busy building his label Theracords as well as various sub labels and touring around the world. He is no stranger to festivals like Defqon 1, Decibel or Q-base. Or, even better, composing tremendous tracks to some of the biggest festivals for example Dance Valley 2017.

During the recent involuntary break, most artists had to take a break from touring…so did Dj Thera. Want to know what’s been on his mind since? He explains in the interview above.

His new Album is called From the Heart and contains 10 fantastic tracks.


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