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Did Don Diablo Create The First AI Music Video With “Future Rain”?



Hailed as one of the most innovative artists around the world, the legendary Don Diablo is a master of many crafts. Always pushing boundaries and stepping in to new adventures to create unique pieces of art. One that follows his socials closely usually gets a glimpse of crazy stunning visuals, highly animated videos and overall a very futuristic aesthetic. Something Don Diablo has always been expanding on and never shy to dip his toes in is challenging the current status quo. The video features “Future Rain” produced by Don Diablo and is based on a piano masterpiece named “Rain” by social media sensation Tony Ann. This version has been viewed 50 million times in a short time.

“I discovered this amazing viral piano master piece by Tony through my socials and immediately felt inspired. I wanted to create a combination between something that feels very classical with something that feels super futuristic. Two completely different worlds colliding into a unique sonic adventure. The best of both worlds. I am beyond excited to be able to share this one as an official release now!” – Don Diablo

Over these past years we have seen Artificial Intelligence (AI) become more and more socially accepted. We see it in self driving cars or ChatGPT, AI is becoming a tool that is being used to make or life easier. Now we see Don Diablo use it to create the worlds first AI generated music video. Don Diablo and Tony Ann made the track ‘Future Rain’ in Los Angeles. And for the video clip, AI was used to generate it. A world first, but this may become quite normal within a few years. And better graphics, because this is all still in its infancy. “Future Rain” is out now on all streaming platforms.