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Crookers To Release New ‘Sixteen Chapel’ Album on Dim Mak Records



Dim Mak has announced their signing of Crookers new album, “Sixteen Chapel,” which will be released this May. The first single of the album, “I Just Can’t” (feat. Jeremih) has already seen success in the dance music world. The album features collaborations with TJR, Zombie Nation, Antwon, STS, and more.


Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki says, “I’ve been a fan of Crookers since day one during the electro boom back in 2007. I’ve followed their releases from their remixes to the Knobbers EP and they’ve always made the most fresh future sounds to date. And now in 2015 I’m so pumped to be releasing what I think is the biggest record Phra has ever made. ‘I Just Can’t’ is going to blow people away.


In support of “Sixteen Chapel” Crookers is going on a North American tour, which includes stops in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin for SXSW, New York City and more. Crookers will also be featured at Dim Mak’s Miami event on Thursday, March 26th at Nikki Beach.


“Sixteen Chapel” will be released in May and the single “I Just Can’t (feat. Jeremih)” is set for release on April 14th.


Crookers “Sixteen Chapel” Tracklist

  1. 1+1=1 (Intro skit)
  2. Picture This (Ft. Dilligas)
  3. Able To Maximize
  4. I Just Can’t (Ft. Jeremih)
  5. Belly Button Tickler (Ft. Mr. MFN eXquire) + Micio Micio (Skit)
  6. Heavy
  7. 128Bpm
  8. Strokin’ (Ft. TJR & Antwon)
  9. Mark It Up (Ft. Beldina)
  10. Get Excited (Ft. STS) + Eyes Eyes Baby (Skit)
  11. Sgeddo (Ft. Zombie Nation)


Crookers “I Just Can’t (feat. Jeremih)” preview:


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