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CORE Records Unveils ‘CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP



CORE Records is thrilled to unveil the CORE VA: Tulum 24 EP: a curated 6-track EP showcasing new material from innovative Mexican artists, including Sinego, Iñigo Vontier, Suricata, Thomass Jackson, AAAA and José Noventa. Each of the six tracks on this collection is a celebration of genre-mixing music, representing Mexican artists that resonate with the musical universe of CORE, while some of them have recently performed at “Tomorrowland presents CORE Tulum”.

In “Historia De Un Amor”, Sinego offers a fresh take on the Bolero genre and an old Panamanian love story . Characterized by its intricate lyrics and romantic themes, Bolero has been revered as the quintessential romantic Latin American song genre of the twentieth century.

“Forest Creatures” is a brilliant exemplification of Vontier’s genre-blending prowess. His exquisite use of field recorded vocals and sounds, makes the track a masterful fusion of world music elements with contemporary electronic beats. The title itself evokes an imagery-rich journey through mystical soundscapes, reflecting the deep connection between nature and music, alluding to CORE Tulum.

With “Tza Tun Zat”, Suricata adds a profound layer to the CORE VA: Tulum 24 EP, showcasing his ability to blend traditional influences with electronic beats, taking listeners on a soulful and introspective journey.

“Coyotepec’, is a testament to Jackson’s innovative approach to music production. The track offers a metaphorical exploration of unfulfilled aspirations, inviting listeners on an introspective, yet dark and intense journey. Its intensity, paired with minimalistic elements, creates a unique soundscape.

Crafted with samples on the Octatrack and a Roland Juno D synthesizer for lead and pads, “Extension De Vida” is infused with a trance-like atmosphere, creating a soundscape that is both heavenly and vast. “Extension De Vida” embodies AAAA’s daring vision for the future of electronic music. The track serves as a bridge between the familiar and the unknown, inviting listeners on an immersive journey.

Renowned for his punky attitude and global connections, José’s music transcends passing trends, offering a timeless sound palette. “Paradiso Anonimo” embodies this ethos, inviting listeners into an unseen realm of spiritual awakening and rhythmic exploration. This closing piece of the CORE VA: Tulum 24 EP is a musical expedition to an uncharted paradise, crafted by José Noventa’s artistic vision. The EP is out now on all streaming platforms.

CORE VA: Tulum 24’ EP

  1. Sinego – Historia De Un Amor
  2. Iñigo Vontier – Forest Creatures
  3. Suricata – Tza Tun Zat
  4. Thomass Jackson – Coyotepec
  5. AAAA – Extension De Vida
  6. José Noventa – Paradiso Anonimo