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Cellini Releases “Body From Mind”



Belgian-based artist with Southern Italian roots Cellini arrives on CORE Records with his brand-new single “Body From Mind.” In the past decade, Cellini has established himself as a versatile artist known for his eclectic DJ sets that take ravers in many different directions. Now we see the young producer opening up a new chapter with a full-length album coming in 2025. With “Body From Mind” being giving us a glimpse of what is to come.

“Body From Mind” arises from a deeply rooted curiosity about the lives and stories that could have run parallel to Cellini’s. It reflects on the choices of his grandparents, which separated him from the roots that have been anchored in Southern Italy for generations. This experience brings constant uncertainty and doubt about what home really means.

“In this in-between position, my music takes shape and thrives precisely there. Melancholy is amplified and anchored in the melodies and lyrics. On one hand, I feel a deep, spiritual connection with the mountains where my ancestors have lived for generations. On the other hand, there is the place where my new life has formed through the immigration of our family. It’s an acknowledgment of the complexity of my identity and a celebration of the unique experience of balancing between different cultures and traditions.” – Cellini

With “Body From Mind” Cellini creates a percussion-driven and dancefloor-ready track that is inspired by traditional influences from the Mediterranean landscape. Overall, Cellini’s music celebrates diversity and cultural exchange, fusing European dancefloor-ready genres and various musical traditions to create something new and exciting. His sound is equally modern and timeless, reflecting his unique perspective on electronic music. “Body From Mind” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.