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Steve Aoki & Lil Jon to Elevate 2000s Classic “Get Low” With New Reboot



In 2003, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz released the song “Get Low” together with the Ying Yang Twins. Now we see the hit-making producer teaming up with Lil Jon for a reboot of the latter’s iconic track “Get Low.” The song left an long lasting mark on the music industry, particularly in popularizing crunk, a sub-genre of hip-hop that gained mainstream attention in the aughts.

The new release entitled “Get Lower” promises an explosive fusion of electronic beats and unforgettable hip-hop elements. Steve Aoki, known for his energetic performances and innovative flair for remixes, joins forces with Lil Jon to take on this timeless hit, catapulting it into a whole new era. Fans can look forward to an impressive symbiosis of Aoki’s electronic expertise and Lil Jon’s characteristic flow.

“Get Lower” not only pays respect to the original, but also gives the classic a contemporary twist. With a pulsating beat, the remake is sure to not only delight fans of the original but also win over a new audience. By the way, the new edition celebrated its premiere at Tomorrowland in 2023 and “Get Lower” will be released on February 9th via Steve Aoki’s label Dim Mak Records.