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Cellini Unveils New Single “Terril” (ft. Simo Lagnawi)



Belgian-based artist with Southern Italian roots Cellini has established himself as a versatile artist known for his eclectic DJ sets that take ravers in many different directions. The common thread remains a percussion-based setup that enchants new fans and seasoned ravers alike. Now we see Cellini unveils his brand-new single “Terril”

“In the Belgian coal mining neighbourhood where I grew up, you could hear a mix of folk music from Greek, Italian, Turkish and Moroccan migrants. Their songs often carried a strong sense of longing for their home countries, reminding them of their roots. Simo Lagnawi and I capture this feeling in ‘Terril’ by blending ancient African Gnawa melodies that reflect a yearning for the African Forests and on the other rhythms and structures inspired by mediterranean folk music.” – Cellini

Cellini creates percussion-driven and dancefloor-ready electronic music inspired by traditional influences from the Mediterranean landscape. Celebrating diversity and cultural exchange, fusing European dancefloor-ready genres and a range of musical traditions. Continuing a new chapter with a full-length album coming in 2025, “Terril” captures a strong sense of longing for your home country and roots, inspired by mediterranean folk music and African Gnawa melodies. “Terril” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.