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CMC$ & Gia Koka Join Forces for “Oh Mama” Single



Multi-talented Yael Nahar, better known by his stage name CMC$ (an abbreviation for See Me Counting Stacks, pronounced “CMCS”) dropped his first single of 2021. For this one he once again turned to fan favorite Gia Koka which isn’t the first time they’ve come together. Their previous single “Not Going Home” they gathered over 150 million streams on Spotify. It is safe to assume that this is a good indication for the success that will follow with their new release “Oh Mama.”

“‘Oh Mama’ feels for me as a fresh start, this will be my first of many house singles! I’m super excited for my second collaboration with Gia Koka our previous single ‘Not Going Home’ got over a smashing 150 million stream”CMC$

“Oh Mama” starts off with a fantastic piano intro. The combination of this with the very recognizable sound of Gia Koka’s voice leads to one beautiful piece. The lyrics are catchy and the melody sticks in your head for the rest of the day. This enjoyable record of carefully orchestrated beats is easy to listen to when driving in a car or just chilling on the beach. We can easily see this becoming one next radio hit.

To sum up it is fantastic to see CMC$ and Gia Koka working together on a new track. With two such all around talents working together, creativity shouldn’t be an issue. They can be happy in creating such an amazing piece of ear candy. “Oh Mama”is out now on Disco:Wax, the Scandinavian pop brand of Sony.


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