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Centineo Returns with Evolutionary New Sound on “Believe Again”



A chart-topping producer and globally recognized singer/songwriter, Tim Centineo, aka Centineo, is back with his newest release. With “Believe Again” he created more than just a song but a whole story. It’s a captivating experience of the evolution one artist has gone through. “Believe Again” comes paired with an emotional video and song, transcending and shattering the constraints of EDM alongside the connotations associated with being a DJ/Producer.

“’Believe Again’ is my debut as a singer-songwriter. The song is self-produced, written, recorded, performed, mixed and mastered. That process has made this an extremely personal record that I’ve dedicated to my Mother and Father. ‘Believe Again’ is about reclaiming and protecting your inner child in a world that is trying day in – day out to kill it. I hope ‘Believe Again’ finds those of you who need it. I hope it takes you to a place where you can begin to get back in touch with who you once were. Before you were dealt that hand, Before the scars, Before the light went out. Here’s to waking up. Centino

With “Believe Again” Centineo conjures a spellbinding and cinematic experience that brings us back to a time when we were younger and believed in not just in fairytales. We believed in ourselves and our dreams. Imploring us to remember what has long been forgotten. He wants us to reconnect with who we once were before the world changed us and we lost the ability to simply “be.” The song aims to remind us that the happiness and fulfillment we so desperately seek has been inside of us all along. “Believe Again” is an example of what every artist strives for in the creative field and hopes to create in their lifetime: An authentic piece of art with a huge impact. An extension of themselves and their heart that touches other peoples lives and speaks to people on a global scale. Topping it of with a fantastic video. A video that brings storytelling components of our world and delivering a gripping, meaningful adventure.


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