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Carl Clarks Releases New Single “Somebody You’re Not”



German native DJ/Producer Carl Clarks has been brooding in the studio on his newest release for some time now. With his newest release “Somebody You’re Not” this emerging artist and music producer, announces the beginning of a new era. “Somebody You’re Not” is the result of Carl Clarks’ personal experiences and unique perspective on life.

Inspired by his own challenges and difficult times, the artist aims to share his message with the world through this release. With his strong determination and resilience, Carl Clarks has achieved much positivity in his life and wishes to inspire others to overcome their own challenges. The song invites listeners to reflect and encourages them to turn negatives into positives. He firmly believes that in the end, goodness always prevails, regardless of the dark moments of the past.

He believes that every day should be enjoyed, irrespective of the difficulties one may face. With “Somebody You’re Not” he not only addresses personal themes but also tackles global challenges such as natural disasters and senseless wars. The artist acknowledges the time of change we find ourselves in but remains confident that everything will ultimately be okay. The song aims to spread hope and optimism, motivating listeners to make the best of themselves and their future.

Furthermore, in his song, Carl Clarks also addresses important societal issues. He touches upon the disoriented youth trapped in their digital world, spending excessive time on social media platforms. The artist encourages parents to offer alternative options and spend more time with their children instead of leaving them parked in front of screens for hours.

The song intends to provoke thought and promote a more conscious approach to one’s time and social media usage. “Somebody You’re Not” is a versatile song that can be enjoyed in various situations. Whether at festivals, relaxing on the beach, or dancing at home, the infectious sound and profound message of the track will captivate listeners. “Somebody You’re Not” is out now on all streaming platforms through AudioSush.