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BSOD (deadmau5 and Steve Duda) Return for Long-Awaited EP, “No Way, Get Real”

Photos Courtesy Of BSOD



On Friday, April 10 deadmau5 and Steve Duda dropped an exciting new EP under their side project, BSOD. The EP, titled No Way, Get Real, features four tracks and was released under deadmau5’s own label, mau5trap.

These new tracks are just as catchy as the titles sound, with “Afterburner,” “Allpassing Lane,” “Fives,” and “Pitches Love Me” likely to become new fan favorites. The four instrumental tracks display a wide range of genres, alternating between groovy electro-disco funk vibes and exquisite synth compositions that could be placed directly inside a video game.  

What began as a joke between two friends in 2005 became a serious side project that has continued to sweep the electronic music scene. BSOD’s first track “This Is The Hook” – made to be a parody of popular dance music – ended up topping the Beatport charts when it was released in 2006. As a result, the duo began releasing albums and EPs such as Played Out, Pay Here To Click, Trap Me, and Last Life. No Way, Get Real marks their first release in six years, and it has immeasurably exceeded expectations. And while BSOD fans know it was worth the wait, one can only hope it won’t be another six year break before the next one.

Rising DJ, producer, and content creator, Ciara Graves, has been a dedicated Writer & Editor for The Nocturnal Times while simultaneously crafting her most electrifying projects yet. Having originally produced under the alias Graveheart for a few years, she is now working towards taking a more sophisticated approach with her music by focusing on the meaningful connection between the visual and auditory realms. Ciara studied Music Production & Recording Arts at Elon University '20 and completed Icon Collective's online music production program in Spring '21.


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