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BRUER Unleashes Four-Track ‘Mind Flay’ EP



Officially out now, BRUER has revealed his newest musical mark. Taking form as the Mind Flay EP, BRUER has created four grandiose tracks to build together into one fantastic arrangement. 

Continuously proving himself to be a jack-of-all-trades, BRUER’s electronic talent extends far into different realms of sound. Mind Flay is a heart-race to say the least. Wasting no time in bursting through the gates with trap-infused styles and astonishing basslines, Mind Flay is a dream come true for any heavy-hitter fan. 

“The ‘Mind Flay’ EP is a rebirth of my sound and identity as BRUER. I wanted to evolve as an artist and make a statement. I had made a lot of this heavy melodic bass stuff but I had never done anything quite like this before. This felt new and exciting to me. It felt different. Producing music has always been about having fun and I felt the need to expand. This is the first chapter to that story.”BRUER

The EP features “Take You Higher, “Nasty,” “Headshot,” and “What You Want.” A glimpse at these titles should be a proper insight into the sort of adrenaline rush that coarses through the veins of Mind Flay. Elements of sound within the composition range from experimental bass, to dubstep, to heavy 808s, to crisp percussive tones, to dark electronic notes, and much more. If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart any hype, throw Mind Flay on and let the night run its course. 


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