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BLURR Puts Forth Bass Pumping New Single “No Warning” [Interview]



BLURR is an electronic music artist who has quickly developed a name for himself through a slew of stellar releases and renowned show performances. Throughout his early career, he has already generated over a million collective streams and has supported acts like ARMNHMR at iconic venues such as Academy LA, Hollywood Palladium, and Groove Cruise Cabo. Now he has come forth with a hard-hitting bass enveloped tune, “No Warning,” which acts as the perfect release to help keep his upward momentum going.

“No Warning” is the perfect track for BLURR to play out at a live show, as its bass-filled energy is perfect for the clubs he’s already performed at and more. The track is a bass house influenced tune that’s layered with a gritty four-on-the-floor percussive groove and driven by a pulsating bassline that any club-goer and listener will get sucked into. The intricacies of his production through the subtle sample selection he utilizes brings the single to life, while the futuristic synth progressions and aggressive vocals keeps the track consistently enticing to the ear. 

BLURR’s latest single “No Warning” is the perfect addition to his discography, as he’s developed a reputation for his sound of blending together bass house and dubstep. He is a producer and DJ that has primed himself for the warehouse raves atmosphere, and fans and listeners should expect nothing but a pure throw-down at his DJ performances. The road ahead for BLURR is indefinitely an exciting one and fanatics should stay tuned for more to come.

What advice would you give to amateur or upcoming producers on how to make an effective remix?

Truthfully, follow your heart.  Don’t be nit-picky and go back and forth battling your inner critic.  Only seek limited advice and suggestions from your peers.  Often your friends do not have the same creative vision you do.  To this day, I have producer friends who’s music isn’t something I’d listen to but others would.  Music is subjective, including a mix and master of a song.

What musical elements stand out to you in a track as something you would like to make your own version of?

I know one thing is for sure, the vocals are everything.  If the original song is too perfect in my perspective, I usually stay away because I wouldn’t want to change the artistry when I really like it.

What were a few highlights from your experience and performance at Groove Cruise Cabo? 
I would say the highlight would be the amount of people you knew when you got off the boat.  I became really close with a lot of people on the boat, especially fans that genuinely enjoyed my music.  Same goes for the bigger artists I met there.  All the artists were super approachable and nice, I genuinely wish to play again.

Which venues do you love to play at the most in LA and why?

In terms of biggest accomplishment to date, it would probably be the Hollywood Palladium. Not everyday you get to play at a historic venue like that.  However, the most recent venue I enjoyed the most is Academy LA.  Love the layout of the venue, the design of the visuals on the ceiling and the stage.  Above all else, the fans and the staff are incredible. Our recent show at Catch One was a lot of fun too.

How has the nightlife scene in LA impacted your career and specific tastes in EDM?

Tremendously, I have had a lot of opportunities in Los Angeles, and have been able to maximize every opportunity to obtain a bigger fan base. On top of that, I’ve met some of the kindest and hard working people in this industry.