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Riot Ten Taps RZRKT & Bok Nero For “Supercharged”



In a thrilling build-up to his highly anticipated EP coming this January, Riot Ten joins forces with bass up-and-comer RZRKT and fellow seasoned Dim Mak veteran Bok Nero, to drop their explosive track “Supercharged”. “Supercharged” follows on the heels of “Squad Anthem” and “Tekno Music” as the third and final single off of Riot Ten’s forthcoming EP “HYPE OR DIE: BALLISTIC. “Supercharged” is a triumphant blend of genres, merging the aggressive edge of dubstep with the rhythmic and lyrical prowess of hip hop. Riot Ten’s signature seismic dubstep drops interlace with RZRKT’s dynamic production, while Bok Nero’s hip-hop influence injects a raw and energetic vibe into the mix.

From the get-go, “Supercharged” grabs the attention of its audience with its unique combination of explosive sounds. The track pulsates with life, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride of different genres of dance music. Bok Nero’s rap and hip hop influences add an extra layer of intrigue to the track while RZRKT continues to prove himself as a rising star, all collectively bringing “Supercharged” into another dimension of dubstep. “Supercharged” serves as the perfect addition to any playlist for fans of all different subgenres of dance. “Supercharged” is out now on all streaming platforms.