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Dive Into Berchi’s “Preaching to the Choir” Remix



Hailing from the dynamic music scene of Malmö, Sweden, Berchi is a party-starting sensation known for turning up the energy with his electrifying live performances. From dominating the Swedish club circuit to achieving recognition with releases on top-tier music labels, Berchi has strategically positioned himself for a prosperous career. The horizons of his success seem limitless as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide and earns backing from established artists such as Alok and Moro. Now this talented Swedish producer and songwriter unveils his latest creation, a remix to “Preaching To The Choir” originally written by Alex Runo.

“The Preaching remix came to be as I fell in love with Alex’s vocals on the original release. I felt like they had such power and a really catchy hook. I also quite liked the whole concept of the whole song. So I wanted to do a remix of the song and provide a more electronic dance take on the song so that also the house music audience can discover this awesome gem! Luckily I could knock on Alex’s door as he has his studio right next to mine and check what he thinks about the idea. Alex said he liked the idea and a couple of weeks later we now have a new release and he loves the remix!– Berchi

“Preaching To The Choir” is infused with a zestful energy that promises to enliven your mood, this rendition of the record pulsates with an upbeat tempo artfully blending a dance-inducing atmosphere with a touch of jazz. This remix brings new life to the original track and highlights Berchi’s distinctive ability to transform music into a vibrant, auditory experience. “Preaching To The Choir” (Berchi Remix) is out now on all streaming platforms via RoastingHouse.