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AVANCE Releases Hard-Hitting ‘GRAVES FULL’ EP



Australian DJ and producer, AVANCE, has just put forth a hard-hitting 4-track EP that will leave any bass head speechless. Its four singles each possess a gritty and grungy production vibe, that’s perfect for headbangers of all sorts. 

Opening up the EP is “MORBID MIND,” which is a riddim influenced tune that is perfect for bass heads of all sorts. The electronic elements that are sprinkled throughout its intro and build ups create the perfect atmosphere that’s suitable for hard-hitting electronic music, while its riddim inspired bass drops are the perfect groove to get people bouncing. Following “MORBID MIND” is “PETRIFY,” which is another grungy dubstep-riddim track that possesses a head bobbing rhythm and gritty sound design. “BULLETS” keeps the energy going with more riveting production and drops, as the track slightly differs in sound design from the leading two, while also portraying a unique touch in its drops. The hollow and plastic sounding stabs pair perfectly with the hard-hitting bass hits that follow the kick and snare. Wrapping up the EP is “DEAD TO WRONGS,” which is a great closer for the EP and is a darker dubstep-riddim tune that’s constructed with an array of grungy elements and riveting sound design. 

AVANCE’s ‘GRAVES FULL EP’ collection is a sonic portrayal of his music production and sound designing abilities. It’s testament to his talents as an artist in the space, demonstrating why he is one of the fastest growing DJs to garner a fanbase for his music. Keep an eye open for AVANCE and the heaviness within his sets and future releases are sure to not be missed.