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Armin van Buuren Unveils Newest Track, “Need You Now” ft. Jake Reese



New Music Friday today is showcasing yet another marvelous new track by Armin van Buuren. This time around, he’s called on fellow dutchman Jake Reese to lend his voice to their newest collaboration “Need You Now.” 

The Armada ring leader has breathed life into a rejuvenating new piece of music in “Need You Now.” The song features an array of deep rhythms, seductive vocals, house-tinged beats, and effortless piano chords. Jake Reese’s vocals are an absolutely surreal part of the track itself. His lyrics and voice are an essential part of the song’s story as a whole, and ropes listeners into its fundamental heartbeat. 

“You don’t always know when the inspiration for a song may come, but it struck me full force when I heard Jake Reese’s vocals and lyrics for this single. I love how the story hits home so strongly and got lost in the vocal melody right away. It helped the track come alive very organically and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It’s another tune about love, because I know that’s precisely what you guys need!” – Armin van Buuren

An all-too relatable track at the core, “Need You Now” is a musical depiction of the desire and longing love brings into our worlds. The roller coaster of highs to feeling torn apart when the stars don’t align is the melody that beats strong in Armin’s newest arrangement. Another testament to the endless genre-mixing Armin is inherently capable of, “Need You Now” fits into his 2020 repertoire seamlessly. 


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