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Andrew Bayer Drops Next ‘Duality’ Single “Chaos” with Run Rivers



The musical genius Andrew Bayer is teasing us with his next single “Chaos” from his upcoming album Duality releasing on Anjunabeats. This will already be the third single he drops and we can only get more excited for the whole album. For this release he teamed up with non other then UK singer-songwriter Run Rivers.

“Since day one, I have always struggled with how to present myself. I love making these experimental home-listening albums of electronica and indie sounds, but I also love DJing and making trance bangers. On my last album, I had to remix the album in full after it was released to make the worlds fit. This time around I wanted to capture all the breadth, depth, and tension within that duality under one single project” – Andrew Bayer

Taken from the more downtempo Duality Part 1, “Chaos” is the epitome of Andrew Bayer’s leftfield experimental side. This track is a nod to Andrew Bayer’s musical roots with a healthy injection of Talking Heads-esque energy. Opening up with some fantastic laidback vocals just to be mixed in with a sweet chilled out beat. Andrew Bayer set the bar high with a release like this. One can only look forward to the other tracks that he will drop in anticipation of Duality.

Crafted over three years, Duality features an eclectic cast of collaborators old and new. Two-part album Features collaborations with artists including Asbjørn, Alison May, Kaleena Zanders, OLAN, and more. Duality pt. 1 explores Bayer’s passion for downtempo and indie-pop, while Duality pt. 2 takes on his forward-thinking trance and progressive sound. Duality pt. 1 lands on August 12, with pt. 2 following on October 28. You can pre-order now via the Anjuna Music Store.


Part 1

  1. Andrew Bayer & Vök – No Silence
  2. Andrew Bayer & Dave Thomas Junior – Speed Of Light
  3. Andrew Bayer, MOR & Grandfather Machine – Take Me Home
  4. Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn – American Boy
  5. Andrew Bayer & Run Rivers – Chaos
  6. Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons – Matriarch
  7. Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Under Pressure
  8. Andrew Bayer – 4/15/10 11:15 AM – Volcano
  9. Andrew Bayer – Thank You For Being With Us
  10. Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn – Equal

Part 2

  1. Andrew Bayer & Alison May – Midnight
  2. Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons – DNA
  3. Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Greater Chances
  4. Andrew Bayer – On Tape
  5. Andrew Bayer, Alison May & Grandfather Machine – I Would
  6. Andrew Bayer & Kaleena Zanders – Break The Rules
  7. Andrew Bayer – Let Go
  8. Andrew Bayer & Vök – What Is Real
  9. Andrew Bayer – If You Loop It, They Will Come
  10. Andrew Bayer & OLAN – Pulse

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