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Afterlife Drops Stellar 28-Track Effort Featuring Familiar Faces, Newcomers Alike



Tale Of Us, the masterminds behind Afterlife‘s auditory odyssey, have already captivated audiences worldwide, bringing their unique soundscapes to Tulum’s iconic Zamna Festival, the energy-packed Miami Music Week and the legendary Tomorrowland, among numerous other global dance music hotspots.

Now with their latest installment in the compilation series Realm Of Consciousness Part VI, this hotly anticipated release boasts 28 new tracks, each finding its own narrative in the tapestry of Afterlife’s saga thus far. One such standout is the opener, “Simulation,” a collaborative effort between Anyma and Chris Avantgarde. The song could be considered a spiritual successor to their hit “Eternity,” expanding upon the universe they’ve created with a blend of haunting melodies and pulsating rhythms that resonate deeply.

Elsewhere among the compilation’s highlights, Afterlife mainstays CamelPhat make their a grand entrance with “Desert Sun,” a sultry journey in its own right filled with melodic synth stabs that ricochet over an irresistibly infectious bassline. Meanwhile, Cassian’s contribution “Aran” brings Afterlife’s characteristically cinematic flair to the foreground while standing as a masterclass in tension and release. Overall, between established talents and new contributors, the compilation is sure to give melodic techno fans of all walks ample music to chew on. Realm Of Consciousness Part VI is out now on all streaming platforms