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Afriqua Unleashes His New Dancefloor Sensation “Da Whip”



The acclaimed Berlin-based dance music maestro Afriqua, is back with a bang. The world is probably not ready as he unleashes “Da Whip”, a dancefloor sensation that is as catchy as they come. Following his groundbreaking release MAXI SINGLE earlier this year, Afriqua is stripping things back to basics, delivering a banger that’s poised to set nightclubs around the world on fire as they eagerly reopen this autumn.

With “Da Whip” Afriqua continues to delve into his obsession with Miami Bass but with a fresh twist. An interpolation of Freak Nasty’s timeless classic, “Da Dip”, with Afriqua’s own pitched up vocals reinventing the iconic lines. Written with Detroit’s legendary New Dance Show playing in the background, the beat is an homage to the dusty drums and 5 note basslines of dance classics like Adonis’ “No Way Back”, and to a time at which dance music was still Black, sexual, and danced to like nobody was watching.

With “Da Whip”, Afriqua continues staking his claim as the most versatile artist in modern dance music, synthesizing influences old and new with an unmatched instrumental and production prowess. “Da Whip” is out now on all streaming platforms.