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W&W & Vini Vici Rework Classic Song Into “Rave Mozart”



Over these past few years Dutch DJ/Producer Duo W&W has dominated dance floors and festivals around the globe. Known for their high energy, genre-blending festival music is great to see them team up once again with another juggernaut. Vini Vici, two experienced music producers who joined forces with the intention of elevating the psytrance genre to a more common ground for the electronic music listener. The last time we saw these behemoths team up was 2017, with the release of “Chakra.”

Now we see these dynamic duos return to Rave Culture with an explosive new anthem “Rave Mozart” that’s set to dominate festivals worldwide. With “Rave Mozart” they turn a legendary classic song into a 2024 festival banger. Drawing from the timeless melodies of Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,” W&W and Vini Vici infuse their signature styles into the iconic composition, producing the adrenaline-fueled marvel, “Rave Mozart.” Brace yourself for pulsating drops that seamlessly blend the euphoria of psytrance with the relentless energy of hard techno. “Rave Mozart”is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.