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WHIPPED CREAM Teams Up Showjoe on  “about you”



Spinning on ice isn’t the only thing WHIPPED CREAM’s turning heads on. Once a competitive figure skater, Toronto born Caroline Cecil knows how to bewitch a crowd. Channeling her love and passion for all things music on and off the ice – WHIPPED CREAM, captivated by cinematic soundscapes and underlying bass riffs – turned to production to hone in her creative ingenuity. Now we see the multi-genre artist joining forces with up-and-coming rapper Showjoe for the addictive dance record, “about you.”

“about you” is about thinking of someone who is ultimately toxic for you, but you can’t get them out of your head. The ravey synths provide the chaotic feel of trying to “shake” the person out of your head. Bringing in up-and-coming rapper Showjoe with his buttery voice really brings the record together.” – WHIPPED CREAM

The pulsating speed house elements in “about you” serve to mirror the tumultuous experience of trying to rid the unwanted presence of toxic individuals, amplifying the emotional journey. The music video captures the raw emotions that come with the complexities of striving to break free from their grasp, although their lingering presence is still pervading one’s thoughts, depicted through the visual metaphor of a straightjacket. Introducing rapper Showjoe into the electronic realm injects a fresh dynamic – his velvety, smooth vocals intertwine with the upbeat landscape, ultimately elevating the impact of WHIPPED CREAM’s cinematic soundscapes. “about you” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.