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Tomorrowland Once Again Completely Sold Out



Like every year, Tomorrowland is sold out in no time. This year it took just 27 minutes to sell all 400,000 tickets for Belgium’s largest dance festival. Combi tickets sold even faster on the digital counter: they were sold out after just 2 minutes.

It should come as no surprise that the tickets for Tomorrowland 2024 are selling out quickly again this year. A stock of 400,000 tickets sounds ample, until you take into account the great international interest and the always great decoration and line-up. Some cards may still fall back. Anyone who has obtained tickets must personalize them within a certain period. Later, the wristbands will be sent in a treasure chest.

Two weekends

Tomorrowland is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, although the count is only eighteen editions due to the corona crisis. The festival will again last two weekends, from July 19 to 21 and from July 26 to 28. This year’s theme is called “LIFE” and is the successor to “Adscendo” that provided fairytale scenes last year.