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Tomorrowland Launches CORE Records with Two Defining Releases



Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most renowned festivals, is launching a brand-new boutique record label CORE Records. Crossing and fusing genres, cultures and boundaries, CORE Records is deeply rooted in the musical DNA of CORE Festival in Brussels as well as the iconic CORE stage at Tomorrowland. Innovative, forward-thinking and genre-bending, CORE Records will focus on releasing cutting edge records and signing rising talents who do things differently, aiming to introduce music fans around the world to the most exciting and eclectic projects in music. The new imprint’s first signings include the Berlin-based solo dandy producer Afriqua and the Belgian electronic outlet Mosley Jr.

A cosmic constellation of gleaming disco, energetic house, and pulsing techno
​CORE Records’ debut release is from the hand of Afriqua. Today, the Berlin-based dance music auteur is releasing the first single “LVSCK” of his upcoming groovy MAXI SINGLE EP (set to release on June 16), a cosmic constellation of gleaming disco, energetic house, and pulsing techno featuring four exquisite electro, breakbeat tracks that are freeing both dancer and listener. First up is “LVSCK,” a soft opener that grooves while musing on how to cope with love situationships, ready to melt your heart and move your body. Recorded following a breakup, his MAXI SINGLE EP is embedded with a sense of escape, a feeling he’s been pursuing since he started playing piano as a kid.

A sonic escape to a more creative reality
​Mosley Jr, a Belgian electronic outlet consisting of Niels Blondeel (also known as AMyn) and Ijsbrand De Wilde (member of the band Stavroz), is next up to release on CORE Records. Set to release on May 26, “Lonestar Retreat” is a sonic escape to a more creative reality and the first single of their much-anticipated debut album (set to release on June 30). Pushing the boundaries of electronic music and carving out a unique space for themselves in the genre, Mosley Jr are loved for their warm and meticulously crafted minimal deep music. “Lonestar Retreat” is a true gem that can be listened to on a warm summer night, as well as be danced to in dark, cozy club.

Afriqua and Mosley Jr will both be performing at CORE Festival in Brussels on May 28. This two-day boutique festival amidst the raw beauty of Europe’s capital’s nature surroundings will be one of the highlights this year for any music lover.