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Since JulEYE Taps Marvel Years & rapper C1 of Foodchain For Blues-Inflected “My Soul”



Live-electronic trip-hop artist Since JulEYE is unapologetically pushing boundaries and carving out a niche of his own, inviting listeners to join him on a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression. Now, Since JulEYE is teaming up with multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years and rapper C1 of Foodchain to present “My Soul.”

“”My Soul” is a very non-electronic, bluesy hip-hop track that deviates from my usual style. I usually incorporate hip-hop elements in all my songs, but unlike previous releases, this track has almost no electronic elements. It also has original lyrics that I sang and recorded, which is very new to me. Additionally, ‘My Soul’ features Marvel Years and C1, who are two artists I’ve always wanted to work with – which make this release that much more special.” – Since JulEYE

“My Soul” is a vibrant, versatile combination of blues-infused grooves and rhythmic hip-hop beats that showcases the three artists’ creative harmony. It kicks off with a simple, infectious bassline and a mellow, foundational organ chord progression. Then, C1 introduces his dynamic verse with smooth and soulful precision, adding a layer of depth and complexity to the song and further expanding its sonic palette. Marvel Years then continues to elevate the track with his impactful guitar chords, infusing “My Soul” with warmth and texture and creating a rich tapestry of sound that’s both immersive and captivating. From the soul-stirring chords to the magnetic rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, “My Soul” is a masterful blend of genres and styles that serves as a tribute to the creative vision and collaborative efforts of all its contributors. “My soul” is out now on all streaming platforms.